Welcome to the official website of Nuno Pinto de Carvalho. Here you can find information about his latest concerts, solo projects, bands, music and much more!

New releases by TSAS I.R.L
- Be sure to check out the new releases by TSAS Independent Record Label. Some of them are free download. Go to "Label" tab.

Next shows...
- Fri Feb 22 2013 10:30pm – Concert, The Cage, at PazPazes, Porto Portugal.
- Sat Feb 23 2013 03:00pm – Didgeridoo Workshop, at PazPazes, Porto Portugal
- Sat Mar 02 2013 10:00pm – Concert, C#, at PazPazes, Porto Portugal.

New website design...
The website was redesigned to keep track of all the projects, bands, and concerts.